Larry E. Farmer

Larry Farmer

M.S.C.E., 1964; Ph.D.C.E., 1965
(Retired) Chief Executive. Halliburton Brown & Root Limited

Larry Farmer has been a teacher, researcher, entrepreneur, designer, project manager and engineering/construction executive. After earning his doctorate at The University of Texas at Austin in 1965, he returned to the University of Missouri-Rolla, where he had earned his bachelor’s degree, to serve as an assistant professor of civil engineering.

In 1967, he founded L.E. Farmer, Inc. in Atlanta to provide computer software for structural engineering firms. He was a pioneer in developing and marketing structural analysis and design software for use with time-sharing computers. A few years later he sold this company to CompuServe, where he was director of engineering software until 1976, when he joined Brown & Root to develop new offshore platform concepts. He advanced rapidly within Brown & Root, and in his 25 years served as vice president, chief marine engineer, director of marine construction and then engineering, fostering the largest design engineering business in Europe.

Larry served as president of Brown & Root Energy Services from 1990 to 2000, during which time it became the largest offshore engineering and construction firm in the world. Under his leadership, the company’s size increased five-fold. He retired in 2001 as chief executive of Halliburton Brown and Root Limited and is now a director of Global Industries Limited.

As a registered professional engineer, Larry’s two great sources of professional satisfaction are working with teams to achieve extraordinary performance and using engineering as a means to enhance quality of life. Throughout his career, Larry has been a staunch supporter of The University of Texas at Austin.  Larry has been a Friend of Alec since 1984, a member of the Cockrell School’s Engineering Advisory Board since 1994, and a supporter and advisor for the Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory.  He and his wife Judie, reside in Monroe, Georgia.

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