Thomas J. Fallon

Thomas Fallon

B.S. ME 1983, MBA 1985
President and CEO, Infinera

Tom began his career in high tech after meeting his future wife at The University of Texas at Austin and following her to Silicon Valley. He joined Hewlett-Packard, where he worked as a process engineer and developed skills in the manufacturing of computers. Feeling the need for adventure, he left the company in 1987 and joined Sun Microsystems as they created the workstation market. At Sun, Tom worked in program management, engineering management and procurement management. During this time, he also developed an interest in supply base management and an addiction to dynamic environments.

In 1991, Tom had the opportunity to join Cisco Systems as one of the company's first 500 employees. Over the course of his 13-year tenure at Cisco Systems, Tom held numerous positions and responsibilities. In his first, Tom served as director of materials and led the outsourced manufacturing initiative — helping to create a highly leveraged multi-billion dollar company. He later became vice president (VP) of manufacturing, VP of corporate quality and VP-GM of the optical transport business unit.

His stint in optical transport afforded him the opportunity to join Infinera Corp. in 2004 — an innovative start-up in the optical transport field. Infinera became a public company in 2007 and Tom was promoted to CEO in 2010. Tom is also on the board of privately held Picarro, an instruments company that enables efficient carbon and water life-cycle measurements.

Tom has served on the Engineering Advisory Board for five years and is committed to building a strong linkage between UT and Silicon Valley. He has been married to Shannon, the Longhorn he followed to California, for almost 25 years. The two have four children, the oldest of which is currently a freshman at UT in engineering.

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