Candice Koederitz

Candice Koederitz

B.S. CE 1978
Head of Capital, Morgan Stanley

Candice Koederitz is an expert in global corporate finance. She currently serves as head of capital for Morgan Stanley.

As the daughter of an engineer, Koederitz, who grew up in San Angelo, Texas, was introduced to the field at an early age. In 1978, she received her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin and went to work for Exxon Chemical America as a project engineer in Baytown, Texas.

Koederitz earned her MBA from Harvard Business School in 1982. There, she was introduced to the world of finance and Wall Street, setting the course for her successful career with Morgan Stanley.

Over her more than 30 years with the company, Koederitz has been involved in numerous developments in finance, including the securitization of the mortgage market, interest rate swaps, the first global bond and several new equity-based securities. She has raised capital to finance growth for corporate and government clients and has restructured and recapitalized for companies around the world, across numerous industries.

Koederitz spent four years in Hong Kong and Singapore during the opening of China’s capital markets and Asia’s currency and economic crisis. For two of these four years, she was chief executive officer of Morgan Stanley’s business for Southeast Asia.

The 2008 U.S. financial crisis led to new domestic banking regulations, and Koederitz has since focused on positioning Morgan Stanley to respond to the new regulatory requirements and resulting changes in the industry. In a short time, she advanced from global head of regulatory implementation to her current role as head of capital, where she coordinates global capital management for the company.

Koederitz was named a Distinguished Alumna of the Cockrell School’s Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering in 2013 and was awarded the John J. Mack Leadership Award from Morgan Stanley in 2014.

Koederitz attributes many of her opportunities and much of her success to the problem-solving skills she gained through her engineering education at UT Austin. She is a member of the Cockrell School’s Engineering Advisory Board and currently resides in New York City.