Outstanding Young Engineering Graduates 2006

John A. Weinzierl

John Weinzierl

P.E., B.S.P.G.E. 1990
Managing Director, Natural Gas Partners

John Weinzierl earned a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering in 1990 and a master's degree in business administration in 1998 from the university. During his time at UT Austin he earned a place on the engineering dean's list, became a business school Sord Scholar, received the business school's Dean's Award for Academic Excellence, and was elected to Phi Kappa Phi and Beta Gamma Sigma scholastic honor societies.

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Kip McClanahan

Kip McClanahan

B.S.E.C.E. 1992
Partner, GrowLabs, LLC

Kip McClanahan graduated with a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering in 1992. From jobs before, during and after earning his degree, Kip has gained nearly 20 years of experience in management in the networking, security, communications and software industries. He has served as a chief executive officer and a board member to public and private companies, while leading strategy operations, product marketing and other efforts. Most recently Kip has started GrowLabs, LLC to identify investment and operating opportunities in both early- and late-stage technology businesses.

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Barbara Canales

B.S.P.G.E., 1989
President, Canales Exploration LLC

Barbara Canales earned a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering in 1989. After graduating from law school in Houston, she became a co-owner of BNP Petroleum, an exploration and production company. She has remained active in the energy industry since then, a rare example of a female manager in this male-dominated field.

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DEG Honorees

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