Michael Smart

Michael Smart

M.S.C.E.. 1996 (Structural Engineering)
Senior Bridge Engineer, International Bridge Technologies, Inc.

As a masters degree student in the Colleges structural engineering program, Michael Smart was known for his strong work ethic, for helping out his fellow research students at the J.J. Pickle Labs, and for his record four interceptions in the annual structural engineering football game.  As a senior bridge engineer with International Bridge Technologies, Smart is known for his perseverance and leadership on challenging bridge engineering assignments and for his ability to pick off tough problems.

Smart co-founded International Bridge Technologies, Inc. (IBT) with his mentor, Daniel Tassin in 2000, after working with world-renowned bridge engineer, Jean Muller.  The firm has become well respected internationally for outstanding bridge engineering.  It currently has offices in the United States, Mexico, and Thailand.  IBT is known for innovative, efficient, and attractive designs that have been constructed rapidly.

Smart is responsible for much of the administrative management of the firm and is very active in its technical activities.  He has led engineering teams on several major bridge projects.

In 2004, IBT received the American Council of Engineering Companies Grand Award for Excellence in Engineering Design for the Santa Catarina Bridge.  This 997-foot-long bridge crosses the Santa Catarina River in Monterrey, Mexico.  The 614-foot asymmetrical cable-stayed main span carries four lanes of traffic and a central walkway.  Its pylon is inclined at 60 degrees.  The project was designed and constructed rapidly over a 26-month period. 

The firm has recently completed other major bridge projects in Australia, India and the United States.  IBT is currently designing the Pitt River Bridge in Vancouver, Canada.  This 1,250-foot-long (625-foot main span) cable-stayed bridge will support seven lanes of traffic with a bike lane.

Before attending The University of Texas at Austin, Smart graduated from Louisiana State University in 1992 with a bachelors of science degree in civil engineering.  He has been married to Ellen since 1993, and they have four children: Nick, Drew, Jack, and Luke.  He is a volunteer for neighborhood youth soccer and baseball leagues.  He is a longtime supporter of The University of Texas at Austins structural engineering program.

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