Entrepreneurs in Residence

One of the Murchison Chair of Free Enterprise programs to help the building of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial culture at UT Austin is the Entrepreneurs-In-Residence program.

Through this effort, successful technology-oriented entrepreneurs are encouraged to devote part of their time interacting and helping student entrepreneurs get started on the path of commercializing their ideas. Students wanting help and advice concerning their technology commercialization ideas should email an Entrepreneur-In-Residence to schedule an appointment.


Idea2Product Program

Entrepreneurs in Residence

Dr. David C. Bonner

Chairman and CEO of Regenetech®, Inc.

Dr. David C. Bonner

Dr. Bonner has been Chairman and CEO of Regenetech®, Inc., an adult stem cell company, since 2005.  He is also co-founder of a consulting firm which makes a practice in rapid innovation techniques, including those regarding intellectual property and roadmapping.   He was Chief Technology Officer at Cabot Corporation, and he had business responsibility for a multi-national plastics business unit of a chemical company as well as technology commercialization and engineering project management of a number of chemical plant installations. 

Dr. Lisa Brannon-Peppas

Research Professor in Biomedical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Brannon-Peppas

Dr. Lisa Brannon-Peppas is a Research Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Prior to joining the University, she founded and served as President of Biogel Technology, Inc., a privately held, multimillion dollar company founded in 1991. Biogel specializes in research and development of polymers, biomaterials, and systems for drug delivery.

Dr. Bob Bridge

CEO, Zilker Labs

Bridge mug shot

Bob Bridge has worked for five high-tech start-up companies, the last three as founding CEO. He has extensive experience in company creation and in raising venture capital financing. Currently he is CEO of Zilker Labs, Inc., a company offering advanced power management ICs.

Mr. Michael Davis

Founder & President, Davis Law Group, P.C.

Mr. Michael Davis

Michael Davis is Founder & President of Davis Law Group, P.C.  He serves as General Counsel for various technology clients.  During his 18th year legal career, he has represented numerous clients, and several have obtained large investments of venture capital.  The Austin Business Journal named Mr. Davis as one of Austin’s 3 best attorneys in the field of "Technology/Intellectual Property" law (Best of Business Law 2004).  He is a past President of the Austin Intellectual Property Law Association.  Before attending law school, he received his bachelor’s degree from MIT’s school of engineering and worked in the fields of electronic instrumentation, automated control systems, and computer programming.

Dr. Kay Hammer

Co-founder Evolutionary Technologies International, Inc.

Dr. Kay Hammer

In 1991, after ten years in the software industry, Kay Hammer (PhD English Linguistics, University of Iowa, 1973) co-founded Evolutionary Technologies International (ETI) to productize the results of a three-year research initiative to build a development platform for automating data integration across the enterprise. 

Dr. Norman Kaderlan

President, Technology Innovation Group, Inc.

Dr. Norman Kaderlan

Norman Kaderlan, Ph.D. is President of Technology Innovation Group, Inc., an international organization that assists corporations, universities, research institutes and regional governments in transforming knowledge into wealth using science and technology as drivers of economic development. Working as participant advisors with communities and companies to accelerate the growth of knowledge-based enterprises and economies, its mission is to connect innovation to societal needs internationally.

Mr. Richard Lebovitz

CEO Commerce Matrix, Inc.

Lebovitz mug shot

Richard V. Lebovitz is CEO of Commerce Matrix and a manufacturing expert working in the areas of manufacturing design strategy and the practical implementation of Lean Production techniques. He has led projects in the United States, Argentina, Japan, Chile, Brazil, India, United Kingdom and Germany that involved converting to LEAN manufacturing and mass customization. Mr. Lebovitz was the founder and CEO of Austin based Factory Logic Software, Inc., which he started in 1997.

Mr. Mark Murdock, JD


Mr. Mark Murdock

Mark was an attorney with IBM for 30+ years, where most of his time was spent advising clients in the technology and product development, research and development, and manufacturing sectors of the company. The last 20 years of his career were spent at the IBM facility in Austin where, as Senior Site Counsel, he was a lead attorney in the historic PowerPC technology development and licensing alliances between IBM and Motorola, Apple and several major European computer companies.

Ms. Jerri Paul

Ms. Jerri Paul

Jerri Paul earned a BS in 1995 in mechanical engineering. Upon graduation she entered UT's innovative joint degree program in engineering and business and completed an MS and MBA in 1997. Ms. Paul used her unique skills at  the Atomic Energy Center, France; Chrysler Motor Company; and Ford Motor Company before returning to Austin to provide consulting and mentoring to several start ups. She finds time to be active on many civic, professional, and educational boards and committees.

Mr. Bruce Thornton

President, Founder, CMS Technology, Inc.

Thornton mug shot

Bruce Thornton is President of CMS Technology, Inc. CMS is involved in business development consulting and separations technology licensing. He is also Chairman of Landscape Depot, LLC- Manufactures soils, mulch and horticultural mixes.

Dr. Dennis Wilson

CTO, COB, Founder Nanotechnologies, Inc.

Dr. Dennis Wilson

Dr. Wilson is co-founder of Nanotechnologies and co-inventor of the company’s proprietary process. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas in 1977. Prior to starting Nanotechnologies he was a professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Austin where he taught courses and conducted research in thermal fluid sciences.