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The Cockrell School of Engineering is home to some of the brightest students in the world. Students who, through guidance and collaboration with our world-class faculty, are leaders in technology innovation, transformative research and discovering the creative solutions needed for the 21st century's greatest challenges.

It is because of this that our five student support programs take their missions so seriously. While the programs are unique in their individual approach, they each serve to provide Texas engineering students with the foundation needed to develop academically, master globally competitive skills and maintain a long-term relationship with The University of Texas at Austin and its industry partners.

The programs assist in the recruitment, retention and, ultimately, graduation of the next cohort of future engineers. Through financial support, you can help, too.

How Financial Support Benefits the Company and Student Programs

The quality and scope of services these programs provide to engineering students are dependent on support from corporate partners. And, in turn, the on campus loyalty, recognition and visibility that companies receive when they partner with one of these five programs is invaluable to a company's reputation among emerging student engineers.

Ways that a company can benefit from supporting these programs include:

  • Recruitment of top students for externships, internships and co-op
  • Early identification of exceptional engineering students suited for employment with the company
  • Opportunities for corporate leaders to serve as professional speakers and panelists
  • Recognition of company and recruiters from personal interactions with students and social media/electronic publicity
  • Access to scholarship applicant information for use in recruiting and hiring

More importantly, company support of these programs enhances the educational services and resources provided to engineering students, ensures a diverse student population through scholarships and opens the window of possibility even further for what our students can accomplish for our state, our nation and our world.

Engineering Scholarship Program

With more than three dozen industry partners, the Engineering Scholarship Program works with corporate sponsors and alumni to connect students with critical scholarships. The scholarships increase the quality and retention of students enrolled in the school and allow companies to make a significant difference in the life and career of an engineering student. Scholarships can target specific groups based on everything from a student's academic achievements, involvement in extracurricular activities or his or her financial need.

To learn more, call 512-475-6830 or e-mail

Engineering Student Life (ESL)

Created in 1999, ESL seeks to develop leaders and build community in the Cockrell School. It is the first and only full-time student development office within an academic unit at The University of Texas at Austin. Of more than 300 engineering schools in the U.S., only two others have such a unique office dedicated to student development. ESL provides real world opportunities for students outside of the classroom that focus on leadership, teamwork, communications and ethics. The office also serves as the primary liaison to the school's 70 diverse student organizations.

To learn more, call 512-232-5778 or e-mail

Equal Opportunity in Engineering (EOE)

EOE actively recruits and supports students from historically underrepresented populations in Texas and other students who contribute to diversity on our campus. To do this, EOE invites students to become part of an exciting community focused on academic success and personal growth. Thanks to its summer residential camp, First Year Interest Groups, career development seminar and tutoring program, The University of Texas at Austin ranks fifth in the nation in producing undergraduate engineering degrees for minority groups.

To learn more, call 512-471-5953 or e-mail

International Engineering Education (IEE)

Now more than ever, companies are realizing the benefit of engineering students with cross-cultural experience — global engineers. Through study abroad experiences organized by the IEE office, engineering students learn what it takes to be a global leader by respectfully traversing cultural differences and language barriers and adapting to new situations with ease. Such experiences broaden a student's perspective, knowledge and awareness, and because only top engineering schools worldwide participate, the academic rigor of international programs is consistent with teaching at the Cockrell School.

To learn more, call 512-471-4321 or e-mail Laura Bayne at

Women in Engineering Program (WEP)

WEP connects pre-college and college students to the creative and innovative field of engineering, showcasing how engineers make a world of difference. WEP reaches more than 3,500 students annually through initiatives such as summer camps, industry panels, leadership and career seminars and the national award-winning Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day outreach program. Through efforts to recruit, support and graduate female engineers, the number of women engineering students at the Cockrell School is growing, and the university now ranks third in enrollment of female students among top 10 engineering institutions.

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