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Photo of O'Brien, William

O'Brien, William

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Phil M. Ferguson Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Civil Engineering

+1 512 471 4638
ECJ 5.208

Department Areas

Construction Engineering Project Management

Research Interests

Production systems: project supply chain management, Advanced Work Packaging, modularization and innovative methods, project controls; Computer integrated construction: information integration, collaborative systems, human-computer interaction, implementation issues

Photo of O'Connor, James

O'Connor, James

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

C.T. Wells Professorship in Project Management

+1 512 471 4645
ECJ 5.202A

Department Areas

Construction Engineering Project Management

Research Interests

Project constructability; Advanced construction technologies; Pre-construction management systems; Project decision/risk analysis; Systems for work process integration; Benchmarking of capital projects; Value management processes;

Photo of Oden, J. Tinsley

Oden, J. Tinsley

Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Cockrell Family Regents Chair in Engineering No. 2

+1 512 471 3312
POB 4.102

Department Areas

Computational Mechanics

Research Interests

Computational Mechanics and Mathematics; Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations; Multi-scale Modeling; Model Validation, Uncertainty Quantification


Okuno, Ryosuke

Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
Assistant Professor

+1 512 471 3250
CPE 5.118B

Research Interests

Enhanced oil recovery, thermal oil recovery, oil displacement theory, numerical reservoir simulation, thermodynamics, multiphase behavior and applied mathematics.

Photo of Olson, Jon

Olson, Jon

Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
Department Chair and Professor

George H. Fancher Professorship in Petroleum Engineering

+1 512 471 7375, +1 512 471 3161
CPE 5.168B, CPE 2.502

Research Interests

Hydraulic fracturing, petroleum rock mechanics, naturally fractured reservoirs, structural geology

Photo of Orbach, Raymond

Orbach, Raymond

Mechanical Engineering

Cockrell Family Dean's Chair for in Engineering Excellence

+1 512 471 0204
ETC 9.146

Research Interests

Complex systems/non-linear dynamics; Transport in random media;

Photo of Orshansky, Michael

Orshansky, Michael

Electrical and Computer Engineering

John E. Kasch Endowed Faculty Fellowship in Engineering

+1 512 471 1082
ACE 5.442

Department Areas

Computer Engineering; Integrated Circuits & Systems

Research Interests

Statistical analysis and optimization algorithms for yield improvement; Circuit design for manufacturability; Robust low-power circuit design