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Photo of Taleff, Eric

Taleff, Eric

Mechanical Engineering

Charlotte Maer Patton Centennial Fellowship in Engineering

+1 512 471 5378
ETC 9.170

Department Areas

Manufacturing and Design; Materials

Research Interests

Processing-microstructure-property relationships in light alloys; Refractory metals; Superalloys; Hypereutectoid steels

Photo of Tassoulas, John

Tassoulas, John

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Phil M. Ferguson Professorship in Civil Engineering

+1 512 471 4553, +1 512 232 3598
ECJ 4.732

Department Areas

Structural Engineering, Mechanics, and Materials

Research Interests

Soil-Structure Interaction; Flow and Deformation in Porous Media; Wave propagation; Structural Mechanics

Photo of Tesar, Delbert

Tesar, Delbert

Mechanical Engineering

Carol Cockrell Curran Chair in Engineering

+1 512 471 3039
MER 1.206

Department Areas

Biomechanical Engineering; Dynamic Systems and Control; Manufacturing and Design

Research Interests

Next Wave of Technology; Intelligent Actuators; Modular More-Electric Automobiles; Human Enhancement/Human Choice; Modern Open Architecture Battlefield Systems; Enhanced Aircraft Safety

Photo of Tewfik, Ahmed

Tewfik, Ahmed

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Department Chair, Professor

Cockrell Family Regents Chair in Engineering #1

+1 512 471 6179, +1 512 232 7920
ENS 236, ACE 3.314

Department Areas

Biomedical Engineering; Communications, Networks, and Systems (CommNetS)

Research Interests

Medical imaging for minimally invasive surgery; Programmable wireless networks; Genomics and proteomics; Neural prosthetics and audio signal separation

Photo of Thomaz, Andrea

Thomaz, Andrea

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor

UTA 7.227

Department Areas

Robotics, artificial intelligence

Research Interests

Enable robots to function in dynamic human environments

Photo of Thomaz, Edison

Thomaz, Edison

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Assistant Professor

UTA 7.128

Department Areas

Computation for health benefits

Research Interests

Modeling Health-related behaviors, with specific focus on scalable computational methods and novel sensing approaches.

Photo of Tiwari, Mohit

Tiwari, Mohit

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor

ENS 528

Research Interests

Cybersecurity, with a focus on computing systems, hardware design, processor architecture, embedded systems and cloud computing

Photo of Topcu, Ufuk

Topcu, Ufuk

Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Design and verification of autonomous networked systems.

Photo of Torres-Verdin, Carlos

Torres-Verdin, Carlos

Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

Brian James Jennings Memorial Endowed Chair and Zarrow Centennial Professorship in Petroleum Engineering

+1 512 471 4216, +1 512 471 3161
CPE 5.182A

Department Areas

Formation Evaluation

Research Interests

Static and Dynamic Formation Evaluation, Borehole Geophysics, Rock Physics, Petrophysics, Well Logging, Reservoir Geophysics, Integrated Geological-Geophysical-Flow Description of Reservoirs, Signal Processing, Inverse Problems

Photo of Touba, Nur

Touba, Nur

Electrical and Computer Engineering

General Motors Foundation Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Electrical Engineering

+1 512 232 1456
ACE 6.132

Department Areas

Computer Engineering; Integrated Circuits & Systems

Research Interests

VLSI testing; Fault-tolerant computing; Computer-aided design

Photo of Truskett, Thomas

Truskett, Thomas

Chemical Engineering
Department Chair & Professor

Bill L. Stanley Endowed Leadership Chair in Chemical Engineering and Les and Sherri Stuewer Endowed Professorship in Chemical Engineering

+1 512 471 6308
CPE 2.802E

Department Areas

Advanced Materials; Bioengineering; Modeling, Simulation & Theory; Polymers; Surface & Interface Science

Research Interests

Self-assembly; Design of materials; Protein therapeutics and biomedical Imaging; Water’s role in biological processes; Complex fluids

Photo of Tunnell, James

Tunnell, James

Biomedical Engineering
Associate Professor

Roberta Woods Ray Centennial Fellowship in Engineering

+1 512 232 2110
BME 5.202B

Department Areas

Cellular and Molecular Imaging

Research Interests

Diagnostic and therapeutic optical technologies; molecular imaging; nanophotonics; cancer;

Photo of Tutuc, Emanuel

Tutuc, Emanuel

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor

Engineering Foundation Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Electrical Engineering No. 2

+1 512 471 4960
MER 1.606E, ENS 311

Department Areas

Solid-State Electronics

Research Interests

Nanoelectronics; Chemical vapor deposition; Graphene; Semiconductor nanowires and devices