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Photo of Valvano, Jonathan

Valvano, Jonathan

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Engineering Foundation Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Electrical Engineering No. 1

+1 512 471 5141
UTA 7.343, UTA 2.410

Department Areas

Biomedical Engineering; Computer Architecture and Embedded Processors

Research Interests

Embedded medical devices; Measurements of volume and pressure in the heart; low-power electrical, mechanical, and thermal measurements; Hardware/software co-simulation of real-time embedded systems

Photo of van Oort, Eric

van Oort, Eric

Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

B. J. Lancaster Professorship in Petroleum Engineering

+1 512 471 6262
CPE 5.186A

Department Areas

Drilling & Completions

Research Interests

Rig Automation; Zonal Isolation; Borehole Stability & Lost Circulation; Frac Optimization; Frac Water Management, Drilling & Completion Fluids

Photo of Varghese, Philip

Varghese, Philip

Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Stanley P. Finch Centennial Professorship in Engineering & Distinguished Teaching Professor

+1 512 471 3110
WRW 314 C

Department Areas

Aerothermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics

Research Interests

Laser Based Sensors; Flow Diagnostics Using Raman and Rayleigh Scattering; Scramjet combustion; Rarefied flow analysis using the Boltzmann equation and Monte Carlo simulation

Photo of Vikalo, Haris

Vikalo, Haris

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor

+1 512 232 7922
ACE 3.110

Department Areas

Biomedical Engineering; Communications, Networks, and Systems (CommNetS)

Research Interests

Statistical signal processing; Bioinformatics and computational biology; Wireless communications systems

Photo of Vishwanath, Sriram

Vishwanath, Sriram

Electrical and Computer Engineering

+1 512 471 1190
UTA 7.512

Department Areas

Communications, Networks, and Systems (CommNetS); Computer Engineering

Research Interests

Networks; Wireless systems; System security; Information theory; Resource allocation in systems; Networked control; Energy systems; Bioinformatics

Photo of Viswanathan, T. R.

Viswanathan, T. R.

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Professor

Silicon Laboratories Endowed Chair in Electrical Engineering

+1 512 232 3389
UTA 7.332

Department Areas

Computer Engineering; Integrated Circuits & Systems

Research Interests

Analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems design; Design of data converters and reference sources; Biomedical instrumentation systems