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Photo of Bard, Jonathan

Bard, Jonathan

Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Properties Corporation Endowed Faculty Fellowship in Engineering

+1 512 471 3076, +1 512 471 1336
ETC 5.126

Department Areas

Operations Research

Research Interests

Design and analysis of manufacturing systems; Large-scale hierarchical optimization; Healthcare delivery improvement; Workforce planning & scheduling

Photo of Barr, Ronald

Barr, Ronald

Mechanical Engineering

+1 512 471 3008
ETC 3.162

Department Areas

Biomechanical Engineering; Dynamic Systems and Control

Research Interests

Biosignal analysis; Electrical function of brain and muscle; Computer graphics modeling

Photo of Barrett, Michael

Barrett, Michael

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Research Professor

+1 512 471 0935
PRC 119

Department Areas

Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

Research Interests

Quality, impacts, and mitigation of urban, agricultural, and construction site stormwater runoff

Photo of Bayrak, Oguzhan

Bayrak, Oguzhan

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Charles Elmer Rowe Fellowship in Engineering

+1 512 232 7826, +1 512 232 6409
ECJ 4.720

Department Areas

Structural Engineering, Mechanics, and Materials

Research Interests

Behavior, analysis, and design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures; Bridge engineering; Evaluation of structures in distress; Use of fiber reinforced polymers for structural repair;

Photo of Beaman, Joseph

Beaman, Joseph

Mechanical Engineering

Earnest F. Gloyna Regents Chair in Engineering

+1 512 471 3058
ETC 4.116A

Department Areas

Dynamic Systems and Control; Manufacturing and Design; Materials

Research Interests

Freeform fabrication; System dynamics; Control; Mechanical Engineering in Oil and Gas

Photo of Becker, Michael

Becker, Michael

Electrical and Computer Engineering

William H. Hartwig Fellowship in Electrical Engineering

+1 512 471 3628
UTA 7.342

Department Areas

Plasma/Quantum Electronics and Optics

Research Interests

Light-matter interaction; Laser interactions with materials; High-performance nanoparticles and nanomaterials; Optical signal processing using nonlinear and modulation optical devices

Photo of Behar, Marcelo

Behar, Marcelo

Biomedical Engineering
Assistant Professor

BME 5.202E

Department Areas

Systems biology, computational modeling, dynamics of signal transduction and gene regulatory networks.

Research Interests

Understanding the functional principles underlying how biological networks collect, process, and use different types of information available in their environment.

Photo of Belkin, Mikhail

Belkin, Mikhail

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor

+1 512 471 4424
MER 2.606A

Department Areas

Plasma/Quantum Electronics and Optics; Solid-State Electronics

Research Interests

Terahertz and mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers, including devices with giant optical nonlinearities; mid-infrared and terahertz photonic components and systems for chemical sensing and microscopy; optical metamaterials in mid-infrared and terahertz spectral ranges;

Photo of Ben-Yakar, Adela

Ben-Yakar, Adela

Mechanical Engineering

Harry L. Kent, Jr. Professorship in Mechanical Engineering

+1 512 475 9280
ETC 7.132

Department Areas

Thermal Fluids

Research Interests

Development of femtosecond laser nanosurgery techniques for manipulation of biological systems; Two-photon fluorescence laser scanning microscopy; Development of miniaturized endoscopes for in-vivo cancer detection and treatment; Applications for nerve regeneration processes, and early cancer detection and treatment;

Photo of Bennighof, Jeffrey

Bennighof, Jeffrey

Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

+1 512 471 4709
WRW 308B

Department Areas

Structural Dynamics

Research Interests

Computation in Structural Dynamics; Noise and Vibration Analysis of Vehicles; Minimum Time Control of Structures

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