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Photo of Chee, Wonshik

Chee, Wonshik

Mechanical Engineering
Research Assistant Professor

+1 512 232 2333
ETC 5.212

Department Areas

Operations Research

Research Interests

Decision support system for cancer pain management; virtualization of computation envrionments for web applications; real-time control systems; mechatronics

Photo of Chelikowsky, James

Chelikowsky, James

Chemical Engineering

W.A. Tex Moncrief, Jr. Chair of Computational Materials

+1 512 232 9083
ACE 4.324

Department Areas

Advanced Materials; Energy; Modeling, Simulation & Theory

Research Interests

Computational materials science; Quantum modeling for electronic materials; High performance computing

Photo of Chen, Dongmei

Chen, Dongmei

Mechanical Engineering
Associate Professor

Chevron Centennial Fellowship in Engineering No. 2

+1 512 471 4487
ETC 5.136

Department Areas

Dynamic Systems and Control

Research Interests

Fuel cell systems and control; Nonlinear systems and optimal control; Hybrid propulsion system architectures and control; Wind turbine systems

Photo of Chen, Ray

Chen, Ray

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Keys and Joan Curry/Cullen Trust Endowed Chair

+1 512 471 7035, +1 512 471 4349
MER 1.606G, ENS 614B

Department Areas

Electromagnetics and Acoustics; Plasma/Quantum Electronics and Optics; Solid-State Electronics

Research Interests

Micro and nano-optical interconnect devices; Polymer-based guided-wave optical interconnection and packaging; True time delay wide band phased array antenna; Bio and environmental sensors; Silicon Nanophotonics

Photo of Chiou, Derek

Chiou, Derek

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor

+1 512 232 7722
ENS 540

Department Areas

Computer Architecture & Embedded Processors, Computer Engineering

Research Interests

Computer system simulation; Rapid hardware design; Computer architecture; Parallel computer architecture; Internet router architecture

Photo of Claudel, Christian

Claudel, Christian

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor

ECJ 6.208

Research Interests

Control and estimation of distributed parameter systems; transportation systems; wireless sensor networks; and unmanned aerial vehicles

Photo of Clayton, Patricia

Clayton, Patricia

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor

+1 512 471 9176
ECJ 4.708

Department Areas

Structural Engineering

Research Interests

Behavior, analysis, and design of steel structures; earthquake engineering; performance-based design methods; damage-mitigating structural systems

Photo of Clemens, Noel

Clemens, Noel

Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Department Chair & Professor

Bob R. Dorsey Professorship in Engineering

+1 512 471 6773
WRW 215F

Department Areas

Aerothermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics

Research Interests

Fundamental Studies of Turbulent Combustion and Mixing; Unsteadiness of Shock-induced Turbulent Separation; Supersonic Cavity Flows

Photo of Contreras, Lydia

Contreras, Lydia

Chemical Engineering
Assistant Professor

Chevron Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Chemical Engineering

+1 512 471 2453
CPE 5.410

Department Areas


Research Interests

Fundamental aspects of RNA regulation and intracellular RNA assaying; Applications to neurodegenerative diseases,air quality and metabolic engineering

Photo of Corsi, Richard

Corsi, Richard

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Department Chair and Professor

William David Blunk Memorial Professorship; Distinguished Teaching Professor

+1 512 471 4921
ECJ 9.102A, EME 1.304B

Department Areas

Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

Research Interests

Indoor air quality; Characterization of indoor sources, fate and control of air pollution; Chemical and physical interactions between indoor pollutants and material surfaces

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