Have questions about the co-op program? We have answers!

If you don't find your question here, feel free to contact the program office.

If I do not meet an academic prerequisite, can I still apply to the program?
Students who have questions regarding academic prerequisites should come by the Co-op Office (EER  2.604) and speak directly with the Co-op Coordinator. Departmental approval may be required for students who do not meet certain academic prerequisites.

Are international students eligible to co-op?
Yes, international students are eligible to participate in the program. Participation in a co-op, once all program requirement are completed, count toward Curricular Practical Training (CPT) hours. Our office will write a work authorization letter for you to take to the International Office each semester before you go off to work. 

Are graduate students eligible to participate?
The program only offers undergraduate-level courses; therefore, graduate students are not eligible to participate in the program. However, some employers do hire graduate co-ops. Graduate students who are considering accepting a co-op job offer should contact their academic department for course enrollment options and approval.

If I apply to the program, am I obligated to accept a co-op position? 
No, applying to the program does not obligate you to accept a co-op position. Program approval simply allows students to apply for co-op positions in the online ECAC Online System. Students are encouraged to search for both internships and co-op positions and are free to decline or accept any received offer.

If I do not complete the program, do I still get credit?
Students who complete only one semester of co-op or do not adhere to all program requirements may not be eligible for academic credit.

How long does co-op push back graduation?
Typically just one semester later than anticipated. However, many students are able to complete the co-op without affecting their graduation date. Also, keep in mind that while a co-op may delay your graduation by one semester, you are gaining up to a year of full-time work experience, earning a great salary, increasing your options for full-time employment after you graduate, and positioning yourself for a higher starting salary after graduation.

Do I earn money as a co-op?
Yes, co-op students earn great salaries! Visit ECAC to find co-op salary information.

How do I register for the co-op class?
There are two different co-op course sequences: the two-term sequence (225MA/MB) and three-term sequence (325LX/LY/LZ). The registration deadline always falls on the first university class day.

Only students who have been accepted into the program, reported their job to the Co-op Office, and completed all program requirements before leaving for work may enroll in the co-op course.

To register for the co-op class, students have two registration options -- ROSE or Correspondence. Students can register either way and still maintain their full-time student enrollment status. Some co-op employers will reimburse students for their co-op registration fees.

Do I have to register for the co-op class?
If you do not register and pay for the co-op course, you will not be eligible to receive co-op credit, will lose full-time student enrollment status, and will need to apply for readmission to the university by stated deadlines. Failure to be enrolled full-time at the university could affect financial aid and health insurance eligibility.

What do I do about my housing/apartment if I go away to co-op?
Students who are going away to co-op typically find another student returning from their co-op to sublease their apartment. The Co-op Office will assist in facilitating this connection. Also, some employers provide housing assistance, which can be as simple as giving you a list of apartments in the area or as elaborate as providing you a fully-furnished apartment for the entire semester.

Can I still receive scholarships and financial aid when I co-op?
No, you are not eligible to receive scholarships and financial aid when you co-op. Before leaving for your co-op job, you would be required to complete the Co-op Form with the Engineering Scholarship Office and/or speak with a Financial Aid advisor.

How do I find a co-op job?
Students looking for a co-op job typically use ECAC services, such as participating in on-campus interviewing and attending Career Fairs, to secure employment. The Co-op Office provides additional job search assistance such as referring your resume to our co-op employers. Students are also encouraged to secure co-op employment through their own means.

Can co-op experience count toward the Professional Engineering license?
Yes! In the state of Texas, co-op experience can count toward the four years of experience required for P.E. license. 

I have already received a co-op offer but have not yet applied to the program. Can I still co-op?
If you meet our academic prerequisites, then you will most likely be eligible to participate in the program. Please see the Co-op Office as soon as possible upon receiving your co-op job offer to discuss your options.