Recruiting Options

On-campus Interviews

ECAC hosts on-campus interviews each fall and spring for employers interested in hiring for full-time, summer internship or co-op positions. Employers have two options for on-campus interviewing: pre-select and room-only schedules.

Pre-select schedules allow you to take advantage of our online recruiting services for posting the job, receiving resumes, selecting candidates, and scheduling interviews. Room-only scheduling allows you to contact the students directly and schedule the interviews yourself.

Scheduling On-campus Interviews

Because interview dates fill up quickly, we suggest reserving your interview dates as early as possible. Reserve interview dates by requesting a schedule through our online recruiting system or by emailing the recruiting team at

There are no room charges or fees to participate in on-campus interviews.

Third-party recruiters cannot participate in career fairs, on-campus interviews, or information sessions. They are welcome to post jobs to our online job boards.

Travel to ECAC

The following pdf documents provide a map of the Engineering buildings and on campus parking as well as information about Austin area hotels.