Build Your Presence

Please take a moment to review the helpful information below about building your presence in the Cockrell School of Engineering, including how to connect with specific departments, student programs, and student organizations.

Information Sessions

Employers interested in increasing their visibility on campus and maximizing recruiting efforts are welcome to host an information session.

Information sessions are on-campus presentations that employers give students the evening before interview dates. These events provide an opportunity for students to learn more about your organization and for you to increase your visibility on campus and gain name recognition among the students.

To make a request to host an information session, please log in to the ECAC System, our online recruiting system, and complete the Information Session Request form.

There are no room or equipment charges for information sessions arranged by ECAC.

Presentations to Student Organizations

The Engineering Career Assistance Center encourages recruiters to interact with the many engineering student organizations at the university.  You can work with organizations in a number of ways, including sponsoring a meeting and participating in organization events. 

Supporting student organizations can be a useful, indirect recruiting tool that helps you and our students get to know each other.  However, remember that student organizations are not the appropriate forum to help you recruit or to organize recruiting events for you.  The relationship between employers and student organizations works best when the employer seeks to support student activities and nothing more.

Work With Student Programs

The Cockrell School of Engineering has several student programs and offices that host education events for students and welcome employer involvement. These include the Equal Opportunity in Engineering Program, the Office of Student Life and the Women in Engineering Program. Working with these student programs gives employers great exposure and opportunities to interact with students in creative ways. If you are interested, contact these individual programs directly.

Engineering Scholarship and Fellowship Program

Michelle Mansolo, Director

Engineering Student Life

Alyson Bodner

Equal Opportunity in Engineering

Enrique Dominguez, Director

Women in Engineering Program

Tricia Berry, Director

Texas Engineering Executive Education

Eric Roe, Executive Director

Connect With A Department

Some employers find it beneficial to work with specific engineering departments to support faculty, classes or departmental events. This gives employers the opportunity to interact with students within specific majors of interest through non-recruiting activities, as well as to provide educational opportunities for students. Each department has a liaison or contact for employers that want to work with that department.

Corporate Liaisons

Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Kendra Harris

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Margo Cousins

McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering

Marisa Meier

Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Laura Klopfenstein

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jennifer Campbell

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Marilyn Harris

Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

Catherine Campbell