Career Help

Undergraduate Students

ECAC helps undergraduates with career planning and job search. Participate in our Externship Program to visit and learn more about an employer, or consider applying for internships or participating in the Co-op Program. Access our job search help to find internships, co-ops, or full-time employment. We can also assist those considering graduate school.

Graduate Students

Graduate students can access the same services as undergraduate students, but we understand that you have your own career needs and challenges. View our help page for graduate students to get information and links specific to your career needs, including industry links, graduate student resources, and academic job search information, and academic job listings.

International Students

ECAC helps international students (F-1 Visa students) with job search. International students can find the job search more challenging because of employer hiring limitations or requirements. Our helpful services and advice include resume tips and help with interviewing. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with UT's International Office on campus and helpful immigration information.


If you graduated within the past year, you may continue to use ECAC services just as you did as a student. Those who graduated more than a year ago can register to use our alumni services and also make use of services for Texas Exes. Engineering alumni can use the ECAC job board, have access to other job search resources on our website, and take advantage of HireUTexas, the university-wide online job board.