On-Campus Interviews

Through the ECAC System, you may apply for campus interviews and apply for job postings. Login on the right side of this page.

During the academic year, employers come to campus to conduct interviews with engineering students. Keep an eye out for positions that interest you, and submit your resume for them during the corresponding application period.

Step 1: Apply for an Interview

Each week, an interview list opens for application. You have from Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. to Sunday at 11:59 p.m. to submit your resume for any positions on that week's list. The corresponding interviews will be held three weeks later.

Step 2: Select an Interview Time

Two weeks after you submit your resume for a position, on Tuesday, your status in the "My Activity" section will change from "Requested" to one of the following: "Invited," "Alternate," or "Not Invited."

If you have been invited, your interview selection period begins Wednesday of that week at 10:50 a.m. As an invited candidate, you are required to select a time. We strongly recommend that you make your selection as soon after 10:50 a.m. as possible, since times are available on a first-come, first- served basis. Invited candidates are guaranteed a slot before Thursday at 10:50 a.m., after which alternate candidates may select any remaining times. The interview time selection period officially closes on Thursday at 11:59 p.m.

If you are designated as an alternate, your interview selection period begins that Thursday at 10:50 a.m. Alternate candidates are not guaranteed a slot.

Step 3: Attend the Interview in ECJ 2.358

ECAC has an interview policy, similar to policies at other career centers, which is designed to protect the integrity of UT engineering students, ECAC, and the Cockrell School of Engineering.

This is called the "no show" policy.  If you are scheduled for an interview, and do not show up, you will be barred from using the ECAC System and required to meet with a counselor.

Quick Tips:

  1. A student is not obligated to interview with an employer if the student did not submit a resume to that employer.
  2. Students must meet with an ECAC counselor to cancel an interview.