Thank You Letters

Writing a thank you letter establishes goodwill, expresses enthusiasm, and illustrates communication skills. Sending a thank you letter will set you apart from applicants with similar qualifications who have not written a thank you letter. It also gives you an additional opportunity to accomplish the following:

  • Reemphasize your strongest qualifications
  • Express your interest in the position
  • Expand on information given in the interview
  • Present a positive image of yourself

Sample "Thank You for the Interview" Letter

Your Street Address (approximately line 10)
City, State, Zip
Current Date

(4 to 8 blank lines)

Ms. Angela Gayle
Senior Engineer
ABC Corporation
567 LaGrangia Lane
Oakland, CA 91256

Dear Ms. Gayle:

Thank you for taking the time to interview me yesterday for the associate engineer position. I enjoyed meeting you and learning more about ABC Corporation.

After speaking with you, I am confident that my skills, experience, and educational background match your needs. I was impressed with the challenging aspects of the position and am eager to learn more about the consulting work you are doing in the environmental field.

I appreciated the opportunity to talk with you and hope you will call me at 512-234-5678 or e-mail me at if you need additional information. Thank you for considering me. I am enthusiastic about the possibility of becoming an engineer with ABC Corporation. I look forward to hearing from you.


(3 blank lines)

Your typed name