"When you finally discover a breakthrough or find something no one else knows how to do, isn't it great when there are people to help you project that knowledge into the world, and you can find them just around the corner. Proximity is very important to innovation and the EERC will create that proximity."

Dr. Robert M. Metcalfe, Ethernet Inventor and Cockrell School's Professor of Innovation

"Go all over the world and there are Cockrell School engineers doing what we say they'll do – they're changing the world. The EERC is the 'what starts here' part. The research and teaching that will take place in the EERC will create the engineers and innovators of the future."

William Powers Jr., President of The University of Texas at Austin

"The mixing of ideas, people and laboratories at the boundaries of disciplines is where the most intriguing and productive ideas and learning experiences are found."

Gregory L. Fenves, Dean of the Cockrell School of Engineering

Engineering Education and Research Center

Transforming Education, Driving Innovation

Scientists and engineers are only 4 percent of the U.S. workforce, but they drive up to 85 percent of the GDP. The Cockrell School of Engineering is answering the call for more engineers by educating 7,800 students and graduating 1,600 students every year. However, faculty and students are developing 21st-century innovations in classrooms and laboratories built for mid-20th-century technology. That is why the Cockrell School is building the Engineering Education and Research Center (EERC) for a total cost of $310 million that will provide 430,000 gross square feet of open and flexible space for interdisciplinary teaching, research and hands-on student projects.

Help us build a teaching and research environment equal to the excellence of our faculty and students. Be part of a transformative facility that will drive our country’s economic growth by fostering groundbreaking discoveries.


Transforming Education
Bill Powers video still

Project-based learning brings engineering fundamentals to life for every student, every year

Entrepreneurship woven into student experience to ignite innovation and prepare well-rounded engineers

A critical link between the workforce we have and the workforce we want

Building Community

Transparent and open design inspires collaboration and creativity among students, faculty, industry, and future engineers

Innovative ecosystem encouraging lifelong friendships, entrepreneurial partnerships and life-changing ideas

New home for Electrical & Computer Engineering to connect UT’s engineers and scientists from all disciplines to the digital age

Driving Innovation
Bob Metcalfe video still

Interdisciplinary research teams will fuel ground-breaking discoveries and lasting economic impact

Sparks productive competition between the brightest minds on campus for access to modular and flexible lab space

The Center for Innovation will move revolutionary ideas and technology into the market

Infographic showing number of square feet added to top engineering programs between 2002-2012

Sources: 2013 U.S. News & World Report graduate school rankings; school's new construction data from 2002-2012.


For more information about the EERC and naming opportunities, please contact John Halton at 512-471-2120 or halton@mail.utexas.edu.