Naming Opportunities in the EERC

Inside highly visible teaching and research spaces, faculty and students will push the boundaries of technology to create new solutions for the greatest problems facing society. The EERC will be a hub of collaboration and innovation, attracting thousands of students, faculty, alumni, corporate recruiters and industry executives. Review various donor naming opportunities, which will be permanently and prominently recognized once the EERC is open.

Facility Naming

Engineering Education and Research Center $60,000,000

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Student Project Space

Student Project Lab $1,000,000
Machine Shop $1,000,000
Large Classroom $500,000
Imaging Lab $500,000
Material Testing $500,000
Materials Science & Processing $500,000
Rapid Prototyping Lab $500,000
Small Project Design Lab $500,000
Student Project Interdisciplinary Labs $500,000
Project Teaching Labs $500,000
Electronics Lab $250,000
General Measurement and Instrument Lab $250,000
Hand Tools Lab $250,000
Small Project Design Labs $250,000

Multi-Purpose / Common Space

Commons $20,000,000
Center for Innovation $10,000,000
Learning Center $4,000,000
East Patio Entry $2,000,000
East Side Roof Terrace $2,000,000
E-Loft $2,000,000
West Side Roof Terrace $2,000,000
Café Plaza $1,000,000
Center for Innovation Conference Room $1,000,000
Computer Lab $500,000
Library Seminar Room $500,000
Multi-Purpose Space $500,000
PC Workstation Center $500,000
Small Group Study in Learning Center $250,000
Enclosed Study Rooms $100,000

Interdisciplinary Research Space

Center for Interdisciplinary Research $20,000,000
Interdisciplinary Research Wing $2,000,000
Video Conference Room $1,000,000
Conference Rooms $500,000
Graduate Office Hub $500,000
Open Meeting Room $250,000
Study Lounge $250,000
Low Vibration Lab $250,000
Faculty Offices $100,000

Student Services

Student Division Center $6,000,000
Student Interview Center $5,000,000
Graduate Engineering Council Office $100,000

ECE Teaching and Student Space

ECE Teaching Laboratory Center $5,000,000
ECE Chair Suite and Advising Area $3,500,000
ECE Checkout and Lab Space $2,000,000
ECE Learning Lounge $1,000,000
ECE Lecture Hall $1,000,000
ECE Capstone Labs $1,000,000
CommNets Lab $500,000
ECE Learning Resource Center $500,000
ECE Medium Classroom $500,000
ECE Teaching Lab - Large Electronics $500,000
ECE Conference and Study Area $350,000
Small Teaching Lab - Power $250,000
ECE Collaborative Learning Rooms $250,000
ECE Machine Shop $250,000

ECE Research Space

Center for Electrical and Computer Engineering Research $20,000,000
ECE Graduate Research Labs $10,000,000
ECE Clean Room $5,000,000
Circuit and Chip Design Research Neighborhood $2,000,000
Computer Architecture and Microprocessors Research Neighborhood $1,000,000
ECE Software Lab $1,000,000
Electromagnetics, Antennas and Acoustics Research Lab $1,000,000
Microelectronics and Nanotechnology Research Neighborhood $1,000,000
Power and Energy Research Neighborhood $1,000,000
Solid State and Plasma Electronics Research Neighborhood $1,000,000
ECE Labs $500,000
ECE Faculty Offices $100,000


For information on naming opportunities or other ways to support the EERC, contact Chris Higgins, Chief Development Officer, at 512-471-2120 or