Engineering Peer Leaders

Engineering Peer Leaders are upper-division engineering students essential to encouraging student achievement. Peer Leaders provide a perspective on academic success that is uniquely tuned in to the student culture. They are a resource to answer questions that students may not want to ask a faculty, staff or parents.

Benefits of talking with an Engineering Peer Leader

  • They understand the transition and can relate to being new on campus.
  • They provide suggestions for identifying study partners, and answer questions related to specific majors.
  • As excellent students with equally busy leadership and social lives, they can provide strategies for time management.
  • They know how to succeed in the university's competitive academic atmosphere and will share their secrets.
  • Most importantly, they are fun to talk with and genuinely interested in each student’s pursuit of academic excellence.

Visit EERC 2.608 to make an appointment to receive academic coaching from an engineering peer leader, or contact a peer leader in your major to ask questions and make connections.

Contact Peer Leaders

If you are a current Engineering student looking to contact an Engineering Peer Leader, please send an email to

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