TREX Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the TREX program

Q. Who can apply to TREX?

A. Any student enrolled in the Cockrell School has the opportunity to apply to the program. You must have a 3.0 GPA or above; have completed at least 45 credit hours by Sept. 1st, with at least 30 hours completed at The University of Texas at Austin; and received an A or B in all technical labs taken.

Q. When can I apply?

A. The TREX application for the next academic years usually opens in late April. Deadline for applications will be late May.

Q. I can’t enroll in the 1 hour course seminar due to a conflict. Can I still apply?

A. The one-hour weekly seminar meets every Wednesday from 4 to 5PM and is a requirement for all students in order to participate, and you must register for the course. If you want to join TREX, we suggest you arrange your schedule in order to accommodate the course. If you can’t fit this into your schedule, we recommend that you do not apply.

Q. Can I only do one semester of the TREX program?

A. No. TREX is an academic, year-long program and if accepted, you are committed to participate in both the fall and spring semesters.

There are opportunities for doing research during the summer. Take a look at the Summer Research Academy (SRA) or Programs Across the Nations pages.

Q. Who decides my research assignment?

A. EOE has had many successful partnerships with engineering faculty. We would like for you to take a look at the TREX faculty partnerships list to view names, research areas and a sampling of possible research projects. We *highly* encourage you to choose a professor from this list to serve as your TREX mentor. You can also review your engineering department's Web site to become familiar with various engineering faculty members and their research areas. On the application online, students will submit their top 3 Faculty Advisor choices based on their research interests. Once the highest-qualified applicants have been accepted into the program, the TREX Program Coordinator uses students' top 3 preferences to place them on a project matching their research interests. Every effort will be made to place you with one of your top 3 choices, however, placement with the professor of your choice is not guaranteed.

Based on funding sources for TREX, the program coordinator may ask you to consider working with certain faculty whose research matches the funding source.

Q. Who should I ask to submit a letter of reference for the application? 

A. We want to hear from those who have taught you so we can evaluate your scholarship and potential for future success. The best people who can do this are professors, TAs or advisors. It is strongly recommended that the reference letter comes from a faculty member. If you have ever performed research in an academic or professional setting, the reference must be from your immediate supervisor. EOE staff are not allowed to write the letter of reference for your TREX application. 

Q. Am I paid? 

A. TREX is a paid research placement. Students can earn up to $1,500 each semester. EOE is supported by the Cockrell School, corporate partners, and grants from the federal and state governments. For the TREX program, each student is able to participate because of corporate partners sponsoring their work.

Q. Will I earn course credit by registering for the TREX course?

A. The TREX weekly course is not for academic credit. However, some engineering programs will allow you to claim credit for your TREX research. Every undergraduate program is different and has individual requirements. Some, for example, do not allow you to earn credit if you are being paid. We recommend that you speak to an advisor within your department to learn more about the process of claiming credit. 

Q. How is the work-load of research in addition to taking classes?

A. TREX is like a part-time job or having another class. Students are able to manage their research and their studies. TREX is meant to add to your academic experience and you can equally balance both with time management. Please note that you should not have any other job while participating in this program due to the time commitment.

Q. What does the poster and PowerPoint presentation look like?      

A. There will be training in spring on how to do a poster, and PowerPoint presentations will be shown. To see samples of posters, you can view the work of past participants.


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How to Apply to TREX

Applications for the 2018-19 TREX program are closed.

Information for Current TREX Participants

TREX is an exciting opportunity to explore careers in innovative research as well as be involved in development and refinement of science and technology.

TREX Roundtable Discussions

To enhance the experience of TREX participants, EOE has a series of round-tables with outside presenters to address higher level topics of interest to the students.