Family-Friendly Policy for Faculty

The Cockrell School of Engineering is committed to an environment that supports and respects our faculty in their academic roles and as individuals leading full lives outside the university. Our most productive faculty are those who successfully balance the opportunities and demands of their professional and personal lives. To assist in achieving this balance, we strongly endorse the family-friendly policies at UT Austin. These university policies are designed specifically to support our faculty throughout their careers.

Options Based on Situation

NOTE: This chart is provided only as a guide; clarification of specific options for particular situations should be discussed by a faculty member with his or her department chair and/or the Provost's Office. For all policies except the MID and ETTPP, faculty can also discuss options with a representative from Human Resources.

Childbirth/Adoption ✓ TT Only
Personal Illness   ✓ TT Only
Illness of Immediate Family Member   ✓ TT Only
Non-Ill Immediate Family Member Needing Care ✓ TT Only    

MID: Modification of Instructional Duties
ETTPP: Extension of Tenure-Track Probationary Period
SL: Sick Leave
FMLA: Family and Medical Leave Act
LWOP: Faculty Leave Without Pay
TT: Tenure Track


For a detailed explanation of leave and related policies, visit the UT Austin Provost's Office website.

Faculty members are encouraged to discuss leave and related situations or concerns with their department chairs. For policies regarding modification of instructional duties or extension of tenure-track probationary period, faculty may contact Cockrell School Academic Affairs or the university Provost's Office. For all other related policies, faculty should contact UT Austin Human Resources.

Important Forms

Request for Family and Medical Leave
Family and Medical Leave Certification (for self, for family member)
Certification of Fitness for Duty

For all other forms related to family and medical leave, visit the UT Austin Human Resources website.