Top Stories of 2012

2012 Top Ten Stories

In 2012, our faculty and students captured headlines and imaginations with their high-level research contributions to energy, nanotechnology, space, security and the environment. Take a look back at the top news of 2012.

Computational fluid dynamics illustration

F1 Engineering & Computational Fluid Dynamics Explained

All eyes will be on the world's top-ranked drivers during the first Formula 1 race in Austin, but long before the racing season starts, engineers prepare a strategy. Read more »


Student working in lab

$18.5 Million Grant Establishes Center for Nanomanufacturing Systems for Mobile Computing

The University of Texas at Austin received an $18.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to establish a nanosystems engineering research center. Read more »


Assistant Professor Andrea Alù

Researchers Make Objects "Invisible" with 3-D Cloaking (video)

Cockrell School researchers demonstrated for the first time that it's possible to make a 3-D object invisible to microwaves. Read more »


Photo of Robert Hebner in lab

Study Determines Theoretical Energy Benefits and Potential of Algae Fuels

It's possible to produce roughly 500 times as much energy from algae fuels as is needed to grow the fuels, according to a study by Cockrell School researchers. Read more »


New faculty map illustration

Cockrell School Welcomes New Faculty for 2012-13

Cockrell School of Engineering’s new faculty bring a diversity of experiences, from working on equations for the Mars Curiosity Mission to validating novel gene targets for cancer. Read more »


Photo of Professor Brian Korgel

Solar Energy Gaining Ground on Fossil Fuels

What if we could harness sunlight by converting it into usable electric power for a price that's competitive with fossil fuels? Cockrell School researchers are working to make the green energy source viable. Read more »


Photo of Assistant Professor Todd Humphreys and students

Cockrell School Researchers Demonstrate First Successful "Spoofing" of UAVs

Cockrell School researchers demonstrated for the first time that the GPS signals of an unmanned aerial vehicle can be commandeered by an outside source. Read more »


Illustration showing the landing coordinates for the Mars Curiosity mission

Flight of the Mars Sky Crane: Q&A with New Faculty Member

A behind the scenes look at the Mars Curiosity mission: An aerospace engineering graduate and faculty member describe their experience on a NASA team that landed a rover on the Red Planet. Read more »


Ghanian child holding up the 'Hook'em' horns

Students Innovate Water and Energy Solutions in Ghana

A group of Cockrell School of Engineering students brought life-changing innovations to villagers in Ghana. The group installed sustainable solutions for cooking stoves and a water pump. Read more »

Group of homeowners interested in rainwater collection

Rainwater Harvesting Study

Homeowners want to know what type of roofing material works best for collecting rainwater. The Cockrell School completed an in-depth study examining the effects of conventional and alternative roofing materials on harvested rainwater. Read more »


Play Year in Review video

2012: Success in Numbers

The Cockrell School proudly shares "Success in Numbers," a year in review video. We welcome viewers to look back at our 2012 highlights, including student projects, alumni triumphs, major achievements and future plans. Watch video.