Faculty Perspective: Impact of EERC on Engineering Education

Faculty input has driven the vision for the EERC. Professor Kristin Wood, who chairs the EERC Interdisciplinary Teaching Committee, sat down to discuss that vision and its impact.

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Solving the bandwidth bottleneck

The surge in mobile video streaming threatens to grind wireless networks to a halt in coming years. To prevent such a reality, two global tech giants are looking to Cockrell School professors for a solution.

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Live from SXSWi

The Cockrell School showcased some of its research rockstars at Friday night's South by Southwest Interactive kickoff event at Austin Music Hall. View photos from the event.

Dean Fenves: We Must Inspire Future Engineers Now

In a recent editorial, Dean Gregory L. Fenves emphasized the need to inspire young engineers, create a vision for the future and invest in higher education.

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Rainwater Harvesting Study

Using rainwater from your roof to water plants seems simple enough, right? But a new study by engineering faculty and students finds that the type of roofing material used can make a big difference in water quality.

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Students Celebrate E-Week

Cockrell School of Engineering students are participating in a wide array of quirky activities this week in celebration of E-Week. View a slideshow featuring various events.

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