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Windows 7 Tips & Tricks

In Windows 7, if you drag a window to the left or right monitor edge, it will snap to “half screen” which is a nice feature when reviewing documents, websites, and more.

What if you have dual monitors? Try this Windows 7 key stroke tricks…

  • Select a window
  •   -- window snaps to monitor’s left edge
  • Select another window (same monitor)
  •   -- window snaps to monitor’s right edge

 Repeat process for the second monitor and you will successfully view four windows in “half screen” side-by-side display!!

Try these other key stroke features…

  • Select a window
  • -- window will snap to full screen
  • -- window returns to previous display size
  • again – window diminishes to task bar

 Watch this blog for more tips and tricks with Windows 7 as we test the new OS in anticipation of deploying to our administrative staff in the foreseeable future.

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