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Studio Classroom 2

Location: ECJ 3.402
Hours: flexible -- view the Calendar
Requirements: UT EID
Workstations: 24
Seating Limit: 23

Studio Classroom 2 consists of 24 desktop CPUs with seating for a total of 23 students. The computers are equipped with Microsoft Office, engineering software, internet software, and staff are available upon request for assistance. The classroom is equipped with a projection system, document camera, and laptop connection to facilitate demonstrations and instruction.

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More specific information regarding Studio Classroom 2


The classroom will be available to anyone in the Cockrell School of Engineering for classes, presentations, workshops, etc. However, it is not an "open lab"; that is, it's use is restricted to reserved times when there is a classroom proctor and/or a teaching assistant on duty. Reservations are prioritized on a first come, first served basis and can be made by contacting Danny Quiroz, 471-4016.  If there is a conflict, Danny will put the two parties in touch with each other so they can work out a compromise.

If someone needs a software package that is not currently available, that software is acquired:

  1. by requesting purchase from the Dean (e.g., Bob Gloyd) if it is a package that will be used generally, like PowerPoint or the other Microsoft products
  2. by the usual purchasing procedures in the department if it is a package that will be used by only one professor or department.

Software installations require two weeks lead time. Also required is help from the professor or his/her teaching assistant to test the software to assure it is working properly before it is needed in the class and to act as a point of contact for future reference.


Campus-wide Technology Classrooms

A comprehensive, searchable database identifying all general purpose classrooms across campus (EID required).

Virtual Desktop

This service provides Application delivery (AppD) using virtual desktop infustructure (VDI) to give 24x7 access to software needed for academic endeavors. Students and Faculty can use these virtual machines from anywhere on the Internet. This infrastructure uses the Quest vWorkspace platform.



Studio Classroom 2 in ECJ 3.402 is available to ALL Cockrell School of Engineering students and faculty for their use. This classroom is equipped with a projection system, document camera, and laptop connections to facilitate demonstrations and instruction.

Computer facilities are also available for student use within most departments.  These labs (also called "Learning Resource Centers") all have different hours as well as equipment and are located in each of the engineering buildings.  All computers are networked to central hard disks and printers.  There may be some charges for printing.  Call for more information or check online. 

Department Location (s) Phone Website
Aerospace WRW 205 471-4427 ASE/EM Learning Resource Center
Biomedical ENS 507 475-6124 ECE Learning Resource Center
Civil ECJ 3.300 471-4350 CE Learning Resource Center
Chemical CPE 2.714 471-3045 ChE Computer Labs
Electrical/Computer ENS 507 475-6124 ECE Learning Resource Center
Mechanical ETC 3.128 471-5719 ME Learning Resource Center
Petroleum/Geosystems CPE 3.146 no phone PGE Computers

Residents of on-campus housing have access to computer labs in the dorm, which have both Macintosh and IBM machines. There is also the Student Microcomputer Facility ("SMURF lab") located in the Flawn Academic Center (FAC) /Undergraduate Library (UGL).

For a complete listing of campus computer labs, see

Also, check out the Technology Classroom Database (EID required) for more information about technology in classrooms.

Enabling Student Accounts

Students need to enable their EIDs to access Engineering labs and 500Mb of data storage.

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