The Society of Petroleum Engineers Honors College of Engineering Professor

     Dr. Ekwere Peters, professor of petroleum engineering and chairman of the Petroleum and Geosystem Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Austin was chosen to receive the 1999 Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty from the Society of Petroleum Engineers. The award will be presented to him Oct. 5, at the society’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Houston.

     The Society of Petroleum Engineers has more than 50,000 professionals from oil- and gas-producing regions around the world who are members. The mission of the society is to provide the means to collect and exchange technical information concerning the development of oil and gas resources, subsurface fluid flow, and production of other materials through wellbores for the public benefit.

     Dr. Peters’ research currently focuses on adapting medical imaging technologies to determine how much oil and gas is present in rocks. With the use of CAT Scanning and MRI technologies, he is evaluating fluids in permeable media for improved oil and gas recovery and environmental remediation. His research also uses these technologies to investigate cost-effective ways to recover more oil and gas than presently possible.

     Dr. Peters is the Frank W. Jessen Professor in Petroleum Engineering, serving the College of Engineering since 1980.