Professor Yale Patt Joins UT Engineering with Award in Hand

     Dr. Yale Patt is joining The University of Texas at Austin College of Engineering faculty with a recently won Wallace McDowell award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society. The award honors Patt "for his impact on the high performance microprocessor industry via a combination of important contributions to both engineering and education."

     Patt will receive a bronze medal and a check for $2,000.

     Most recently, Patt has been a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Michigan. On September 1, Patt will become the Ernest Cockrell, Jr., Centennial Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

     Patt is concerned with understanding the nature of applications, compilers and operating systems, and what is required for them to process instructions. Studying and understanding these concepts enables him to design faster, more efficient computers. In 1984, he began to develop the idea of processing computer program instructions four at a time, when programs at that time initiated each instruction one at a time. Today, almost every microprocessor processes instructions four at a time and Patt now studies how to initiate them sixteen at a time.

     Although his research is very successful, "my strongest passion is for teaching," Patt says. "Nothing is more satisfying than watching the lights go on in students’ heads when they ‘get it.’"