FINLE Technologies Donates PROLITH/3D Software to UT College of Engineering

     FINLE Technologies, Inc., of Austin, has donated its PROLITH/3D software, used in the development of semiconductors, to The University of Texas at Austin College of Engineering.

     The software, valued at $102,900, will be used by Dr. Grant Willson, professor of chemical engineering, and his students at UT, who are developing new photoresist materials that are used to etch microcircuits on semiconductors.

     "FINLE has never before donated a copy of PROLITH/3D to a research group. This donation, therefore, indicates the value we place on the work being performed by Dr. Willson’s research group, as well as our commitment to providing UT with the latest and most powerful software tools," noted Edward W. Charrier, vice president and chief operating officer of FINLE.

     "We are deeply appreciative of this support," said Dr. Willson, holder of the Rashid Engineering Regents Chair in Engineering. "Allowing our students to take the FINLE classes and providing them with this sophisticated software is a very kind and important contribution that will further our research and help us to teach students the power of computer simulation as a tool for solving important and practical problems."

     FINLE, the world’s largest developer of software for lithography simulation and analysis, has previously donated $47,000 in software to the College. FINLE’s PROLITH Toolkit software products are used by every major semiconductor, photoresist and stepper manufacturer in the world, including more than 220 companies in 24 countries.