Adjunct Engineering Professor Named President-Elect Of American Academy of Environmental Engineers

     Dr. Davis L. Ford, adjunct environmental engineering professor in the College of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, will work to enhance liaisons between the academic community and the consulting community as president-elect of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers.

     Ford brings 20 years of experience as an adjunct professor at UT and 35 years of experience as a consulting engineer to the position. He has worked with approximately 150 industries and municipalities as well as 10 foreign governments in the areas of water pollution control, solid waste management, hazardous waste remediation and environmental litigation support.

     Ford is currently vice president of the Academy, which was founded in 1955 with a three-fold mission: to improve the practice of environmental engineering, to elevate its standards through certification by practice and examination, and to advance the field’s overall professionalism. He will be sworn in as president-elect in November.