Construction Industry Institute director earns award from Air Force enlisted personnel

     Kenneth E. Eickmann, who recently began his new position as director of the Construction Industry Institute at The University of Texas at Austin, received the Order of the Sword from the enlisted personnel he formerly commanded and worked with in the U.S. Air Force's Materiel Command.

     Eickmann retired as a Lieutenant General of the Air Force on June 1. The Order of the Sword represents the highest honor and tribute that noncommissioned officers can bestow upon an individual. Through the ceremony, noncommissioned officers honor their leader and pledge their loyalty by presenting him with a sword.

     As commander of the Aeronautical Systems Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, he managed more than 2,800 programs ranging from basic research to design, development and support of advanced aeronautical systems. He executed an annual budget of more than $11 billion and employed a work force of approximately 12,000 people at Wright-Patterson and 35 locations worldwide. As the installation's commander he provided operational support for approximately 22,000 people, including personnel from more than 100 operational units located on base.

     The Construction Industry Institute is the internationally acclaimed 90-corporation research consortium that funds $5 million in research at 30 U.S. universities to improve the total quality and cost effectiveness of the construction industry. UT Austin houses the research unit within the College of Engineering.