Lipovski makes major breakthrough with chip

     On May 14, Dr. G. Jack Lipovski, P.E., professor of electrical and computer engineering and computer sciences, received the first silicon, or first chip of the Dynamic Associative Access Memory (DAAM) chip manufactured by Sanyo. The chip built by Lipovski, is the first patent owned by The University of Texas.

     The DAAM chip is a “logic-in -memory” device, which means it is able to overcome the barrier the design of an integrated circuit pin makes when trying to use logic and memory together. Because of this, “logic-in-memory” devices are being investigated by several researchers and companies. The DAAM chip is one of the first “logic-in-memory” devices to achieve first silicon. This chip should find use in internet data base search engines and 3-d graphics processing systems used in workstations, personal computers, and laptops.