Green elected fellow of Ceramic Society

     Dr. Peter F. Green, associate professor of chemical engineering, was elected fellow of the American Ceramic Society.

     The election to the status of fellow in any scientific or engineering professional society is reserved for a small fraction of the membership. It recognizes individuals for outstanding technical contributions to a field and service to the society. Dr. Green, 38, now holds two professional societal fellowships, which is rare for a young professor. He is also a fellow of the American Physical Society.

     Dr. Green's research seeks to understand how the properties of low-melting inorganic glasses are related to their molecular structure. These types of glasses melt, or flow, at the relatively low temperatures of many organic polymers, commonly known as plastics.

     Ultimately, this means glasses could be combined with plastics to produce a new material which would be more resistant to moisture and gases than the plastics alone. The new material could serve as a replacement for plastic as a membrane or seal in electronic assemblies thereby improving the reliability and lifecycle of these devices.