Students seeking admission to the Cockrell School of Engineering with 24 hours of transferable credit from other colleges or universities are classified as external transfer students.

All students admitted to the Cockrell School are admitted to a specific major. Due to the nature of transfer students’ coursework, we highly recommend students apply to the major in which they intend to earn a degree. It is important for applicants to be familiar with the areas of study within the major degree offerings.

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In addition to submitting a completed application for admission, external transfer applicants to the Cockrell School of Engineering should also review the following information regarding special application requirements and admission restrictions:

  • Students do not need to earn an associate's degree before transferring.
  • Admission to the Cockrell School is competitive and based on criteria similar to but higher than those for admission to the university.
  • The school limits undergraduate admission to the number of students it can provide a high-quality education.
  • Texas community college students should review the recommended core curriculum courses and transfer guides prior to applying.
  • Each transfer applicant's performance in technical coursework such as calculus, chemistry and physics is carefully reviewed.
  • Application deadline is March 1 and it is only for Fall admission.

Please note: Completion of pre-requisite sequences in the major area can require a minimum of five or more semesters. Therefore, most transfer students should anticipate a minimum of five long semesters or the equivalent in residence at the University. Most transfer students in the Cockrell School take six to seven long semesters to graduate after transferring from another university.

Most students who complete 24 hours at another institution and transfer directly to the Cockrell School are often best on track for completing an engineering degree in a timely manner. We encourage students to become familiar with the degree plans for their major of choice and utilize the Automated Transfer Equivalency through Texas Admissions to evaluate how their individual credits will transfer.

If an external transfer student accepts an offer to a different major at UT Austin with the intent of switching into the Cockrell School, they will need to meet internal transfer requirements and apply through a competitive application process. Students with non-engineering majors need at least one year of in-residence coursework at UT Austin before they are eligible to apply for internal transfer. Learn more about internal transfer

Guidelines and Requirements for Transfer Students

Below are general guidelines for prospective transfer students. Additional information is available through Texas Admissions.

  • Students who wish to transfer to the university from another college or university must apply to Texas Admissions. Requirements for admission as a transfer student vary, but all transfer applicants must submit transcripts of all college and high school coursework.
  • Transfer students must have completed at least the equivalent of:
    • Mathematics 408D or M 408L or M 408M (TCCN: Math 2415)
    • Physics 303K (TCCN: PHYS 2425)
    • Physics 103M (lab)
  • Transfer applicants must also complete four technical courses (math, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, computer science and engineering).
    • The courses listed above may apply toward the four technical courses.
  • Refer to the Automated Transfer Equivalency online database for details about how the courses you are taking, or plan to take, will transfer.
  • Only courses listed in the student's engineering degree program, or equivalent courses accepted by the department chair and approved by the dean, may be counted toward an engineering degree. A course may therefore be accepted for transfer credit but not be applicable toward an engineering degree
    • Because significant differences may exist between courses that appear to be very similar, students who have questions about the requirements of a specific degree plan should contact the appropriate departmental advising office.
  • Special note for Electrical and Computer Engineering students: A maximum of 25 semester credit hours in electrical engineering transfer courses may be counted toward a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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