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Engineering a Bright Future: Class of 2012

After earning a degree from one of the top 10 engineering schools in the country, the Class of 2012 is moving on to the next challenge — changing the world.

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F1 Engineering And Computational Fluid Dynamics Explained

During Austin's Formula 1 race, all eyes will be on the drivers. But before the race starts, engineers, aerodynamicists and computer scientists prepare a strategy.

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Engineers Break Down Science Behind F1

In the world of academia, the field of computational fluid dynamics [CFD] allows engineers and researchers to perform predictive modeling that can lead to faster, sleeker and safer vehicles in the air or on the ground.

More significantly for motor heads, CFD is also the main science behind Formula 1 racing, a high-octane international sport that will take place in Austin Nov. 16-18.

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Formula 1: UT Experts Drive Facility Design

Cockrell School alumnus Mark Waggoner offers a first-hand perspective on his involvement designing the structures at the Circuit of the Americas Formula 1 track.

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Department Named After John J. McKetta Jr.

The Chemical Engineering Department has been named after former dean of the College of Engineering and chemical engineering Professor Emeritus John J. McKetta Jr. 

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