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Supercomputing Elevates Accuracy of High-Stakes Predictions

From forecasting shuttle re-entry to medical procedure outcomes, Cockrell School of Engineering faculty are working fast to create computer models we can trust.

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Happy Holidays from the Cockrell School of Engineering

As we bid farewell to 2011, our students, faculty and staff wish you a very merry holiday and the happiest new year. Experience the Cockrell School's holiday cheer in a video feature.

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View Fall 2011 Commencement Photos

View photos from this fall's graduation ceremony, which was held Dec. 3. Also view photos of graduates sharing messages to family and friends.

Building Organs

Eighteen people die each day while on the U.S. national waiting list for organ transplants. Visiting scholar Ali Khademhosseini aims to change that by solving one of the greatest engineering challenges: to build an entire functioning organ.

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Prosthetic Devices Give Injured Troops a Second Chance

ME Professor Rick Neptune is building devices that improve functional mobility, increase comfort, are customized to each patient and could reduce costs.

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