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Student-developed Satellites Complete Goal of Mission, Successfully Separate in Space

Watch an animation to learn more about Emma and Sara Lily, two student-built satellites that were launched into space Nov. 19.

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Harnessing the Power of Sunlight to Produce Fuels

A professor is teaming up with one of the most decorated chemists on the planet to harness the power of sunlight and produce fuels that could one day substitute for oil.

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Bob Metcalfe Engages Students in Unique "Enernet" Talk

Inventor of Ethernet and Professor of Innovation Bob Metcalfe spoke to a packed auditorium about how the Internet's history can be used to help understand and solve the energy crisis.

2010: Moments that Shaped the Cockrell School

This special video feature is dedicated to capturing the moments that defined education, engineering and innovation at the Cockrell School in 2010.

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Engineering Professor Awarded $1 Million for Research Enabling Scale-Up of Promising Graphene

Mechanical engineering Professor Rodney Ruoff will lead research on graphene, an atom-thick layer of carbon that could change how electronics, cars, airplanes and even buildings are produced.

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