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Graduate School Celebrates 100 Years, Commends Engineering Alums

The Graduate School featured 10 engineering alumni in its 100-year anniversary book.

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Texas Venture Labs Bridges Engineering and Business

"Engineering students don't have to be afraid of any part of business," said Hyunji Lim, a graduate student in biomedical engineering at the Cockrell School of Engineering.

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John McKetta's Birthday Bash

The chemical engineering community at the Cockrell School of Engineering celebrated the 95th birthday of beloved professor, friend and mentor, John J. McKetta Jr.

Wasting Food Means Wasting Energy

A new study by mechanical engineering professor Michael Webber finds that the U.S. could power Switzerland for more than a year just in the energy we lose in wasted food.

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In Search of Amelia

Over 73 years ago, Amelia Earhart vanished over the Pacific Ocean. Now, Cockrell School students and aerospace alum, Jon Thompson, use their engineering skills to try and uncover one of aviation’s greatest mysteries.

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