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Undergraduate Career Planning

Your job search can start as soon as you arrive at the university. Although everyone's path is unique, the career planning timetable below will give you ideas about the benefits of planning ahead. Completing the recommended activities in the appropriate year will help you develop valuable experience and skills and make the best career decisions. ECAC is here to help you every step of the way.

Plan your future and engineer your career!

Freshman year:

  • Consider registering with ECAC.
  • Create a resume.
  • Familiarize yourself with ECAC resources.
  • Think about your interests, skills, and work values.
  • Attend appropriate ECAC workshops.
  • Participate in Externships.
  • Attend other workshops at UT, including academic review sessions and career or interest workshops.
  • Consider joining professional organizations in your major as student member (e.g., AIAA, AIChE, ASCE, ASME, IEEE, AES, SPE).

Sophomore year:

  • Register early with ECAC.
  • Look into the Co-op Program.
  • Update your resume.
  • Attend relevant workshops.
  • Network with employers at Expo, other career fairs, workshops, and on-campus events.
  • Apply to the Co-op Program at beginning of semester.
  • Participate in Externships and on-campus interviewing for intern or co-op positions.
  • Use ECAC online job postings and other job sites.
  • Seek work experience that allow you to explore your interests.
  • Renew student membership in organizations.

Junior year:

  • Register early with ECAC and Co-op Program.
  • Update your resume.
  • Attend ECAC workshops to refine job search skills.
  • Participate in career fairs and Externships.
  • Apply to Co-op Program at beginning of the semester.
  • Interview on campus.
  • Check ECAC online job postings weekly.
  • Network and maintain professional contacts.
  • Seek experience to explore your interests and enhance skills.
  • Consider leadership roles in professional organizations.

Senior year:

  • Register in August with ECAC.
  • Update your resume.
  • Attend ECAC workshops and career fairs.
  • Submit your resume for employment.
  • Attend employer information sessions.
  • Use additional job search strategies (job postings, direct targeting of companies, etc.).
  • Prepare for site visits with companies.
  • Take leadership roles in professional organizations.
  • Continue to use ECAC services after you graduate.

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