Visual Brand Standards

The Cockrell School of Engineering visual style is minimalistic, abstract, stable, understated, contemporary, international, refined and demonstrates technology in the service of society. The logo and wordmark, introduced in August 2009, is a strong, modern symbol of quality, energy and stability serving as the visual centerpiece of the Cockrell School brand.

Branding is more than a logo. It is the authentic expression of what the Cockrell School genuinely has to offer. Branding is less about a logo and more about inspiring trust in the brand's values. The logo's symbolism of quality, respect for the past and energy for the future represent daily contributions by those associated with the Cockrell School.

To ensure professional use and consistent quality in all of the Cockrell School of Engineering dean's communications, standards for best practices appear here.

The Cockrell School Visual Brand Standards Guide has been developed to introduce a unique and honest representation of the Cockrell School that is aesthetically pleasing, economical and easy to use. Flexibility has also been a major consideration, so diverse groups can maintain their individuality within the framework of the Cockrell School of Engineering. Anyone who has a hand in creating or influencing the Cockrell School's outward expression — from marketing and publicity materials to event displays and promotional items — should refer to these guidelines often.

Here's a brief summary of the extensively illustrated guide:

  • The Cockrell School logo and wordmark are the only name and mark used to represent the Cockrell School. Official layouts are shown in the Visual Brands Standards Guide, in three formats: two horizontal versions and a stacked version. Constituents of the Cockrell School may use the logo on printed pieces without prior authorization, but may not make any alterations or additions to it.
  • The Cockrell School employs an official palette of colors, Blue (PMS300U for uncoated papers and PMS 300C for coated papers), burnt orange (PMS 159U for uncoated papers and PMS 166 for coated papers), and white. A palette of secondary colors are available for sidebars, charts, graphs, borders and other accents. Refer to the guide for these colors.
  • Approved paper stock includes a dull-coated paper, Lustro Dull Coated White, and an uncoated stock, Finch Premium Blend White. Use of other paper stock requires approval from the Communications Department.
  • The Cockrell School uses specific type fonts to create a cohesive look and feel. ;Refer to the guide for specific typefaces for headlines, text and Web sites, as well as acceptable alternatives.
  • An endorsed identity system for departments and administrative units allows for individual identities to flourish, while also projecting a unified Cockrell School identity. Individual unit wordmarks are available in the guide, and should not be altered in any way.
  • The Cockrell School employs a specific style for photography, in four basic categories: formal portraits, informal portraits, candid groups and facilities and technology. Examples of each are included in the guide.
  • The Cockrell School follows stationery and business card guidelines set by The University of Texas at Austin. To ensure adherence to these standards, order stationery and cards through University Services.

The consistent, correct application of these details ensures clearer and more rapid understanding of the Cockrell School in the mix of images and messages clamoring for the attention of important audiences.

All communications pieces used by the dean's staff after Aug. 1, 2009 will adhere to these guidelines. To design and produce branded products, begin by completing our SharePoint communications projects request form and then contact Amelia Johnson at or 512-471-4021 to initiate the process. Students should contact Livy Knox at for their projects.

Download the PDF version of the Visual Brand Standards Guide

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