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Goodenough Receives Award from National Electrochemical Society

     Dr. John B. Goodenough, professor of mechanical and electrical engineering at The University of Texas at Austin has received the Olin Palladium Award from the Electrochemical Society. He received the award for his distinguished "contributions to the field of electrochemical science."

     The Olin Palladium Award of the Electrochemical Society was established in 1950 and presented biennially along with a $5,000 honorarium. More than 7,000 scientists and engineers worldwide hold individual membership in the Electrochemical Society and are eligible for the award.

     In the area of electrochemistry, Dr. Goodenough studies the development of cathodes which has aided in creating smaller and more powerful rechargeable batteries now used in cell phones and other portable devices. His research interests also include the study of fuel cells and developing a process to change chemical energy into electrical energy. This would allow the use of more efficient electric generators.

     Dr. Goodenough has served jointly in two UT departments for the past 13 years: Electrical and Computer Engineering, and of the Mechanical Engineering faculty. He holds the Cullen Trust for Higher Education Endowed Professorship in Engineering No.1 and the Virginia H. Cockrell Centennial Chair in Engineering.