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NSF Recognizes Doctoral Student for Video on Lithium-Ion Batteries

Materials science and engineering doctoral candidate Arturo Gutierrez will travel to Virginia to accept an award for a video he created about his research on lithium-ion batteries.

igert video award

Arturo Gutierrez demonstrates a battery tower in professor Arumugam “Ram” Manthiram’s lab. The tower tests battery cells that researchers are developing using different materials.

Gutierrez submitted his video, titled “Energy Addiction,” to the National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) program’s annual Video and Poster Competition. Out of 124 total submissions, Gutierrez’s has been selected as one of 25 winning videos. He will be recognized on June 11 at the NSF Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

“My research is synthesizing specific materials to identify the best transition metals and the best battery performance,” Gutierrez said, adding that he made the video to inform people about the importance of energy in an entertaining manner. “Just knowing about the amount energy that we use in the United States every day, I think, is half the battle. We’ve got to be responsible with the energy that we do have."

The video showcases the crucial role of batteries in everyday life and the work Gutierrez is doing to improve the electrochemical performance of cathodes used for lithium-ion batteries. Watch his video below: