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Reinventing Human Health Through Engineering

Now more than ever, engineering research is fundamental to the advancement and improvement of human health. As we continue to explore the basic science of diseases and therapeutics, treatments for injuries and clinically translatable solutions, we will focus our efforts on areas that affect outcomes and improve efficiencies in health care. By applying multidisciplinary engineering innovation to biomedical and health solutions, we will drive the future of health care technology development and health informatics.

Research Focus Areas

  • Engineering innovation in population health and health care
  • Accessible technologies to improve and sustain health
  • Health informatics and analytics to help patients and health care providers make better decisions

Research Breakthroughs in this Area

The world's smallest, fastest and longest-running nanomotor is a major step toward development of miniature machines that can move through the body to deliver drugs to patients.

HARMONY, a first-of-its-kind, full-upper-body rehabilitation robot, provides advanced treatment and data-driven therapy to patients with spinal and neurological injuries.

A revolutionary 3-in-1 skin cancer detection device combines spectroscopic techniques to noninvasively reveal melanoma and lesions.

A groundbreaking monoclonal antibody to combat pertussis (whooping cough), which until now has caused an estimated 294,000 deaths every year, has the potential to save the lives of thousands of young children around the world.