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Advancing Intelligent Systems and Man-Machine Symbiosis

The interconnectedness of humans, devices and machines is omnipresent in everyday life. Devices and machines are informing and affecting the abilities we once knew as innately human — perception, rationalization and intellect — creating powerful technologies and intelligent systems that allow for better decision-making in dynamic and complex environments. Rapid developments in sensing and autonomous technologies are transforming the industries. Moving forward, there will be extraordinary research opportunities to enhance and re-envision these technologies and systems to harness their potential and help make real-time decisions based on combinations of quantitative and qualitative data.

Research Focus Areas

  • Information and decision science
  • Cyber security
  • Universal information systems
  • Cyber-human-physical systems
  • Ubiquitous sensing
  • Communications
  • Autonomous and connected systems
  • Intelligent devices
  • Internet of Things

Research Breakthroughs in this Area

A new centimeter-accurate GPS system — now the most accurate geolocation technology in existence — is poised to revolutionize mobile device capabilities and expand future industries.

Toopher, a two-factor password authentication system, creates a significant reduction in password fraud by using the physical location of a user's phone, a novel approach to this type of authentication.

A radically smaller, more efficient radio wave circulator that can be embedded in cell phones and other wireless devices could advance modern telecommunications technologies by doubling existing data bandwidth.