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Leading the Revolution in Manufacturing

We have seen major changes in manufacturing in the 21st century, with streamlined systems and on-demand platforms growing exponentially in recent years. The emergence of optimal manufacturing systems, such as smart manufacturing, digital manufacturing, agile manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing and recycle-by-design, is creating countless opportunities for localized manufacturing industries. These new paradigms will change global manufacturing platforms and impact facility infrastructure and supply chains, intellectual property and enterprise economics — as society shifts toward increased personalization of products and services.

Research Focus Areas

  • Intelligent, personalized and small-lot manufacturing
  • Transformational manufacturing systems
  • At-scale manufacturing of nanosystems

Research Breakthroughs in this Area

A game-changing honeycomb-shaped structure that "bounces back" can be embedded in car bumpers, helmets and more to minimize the effects of impacts.

Selective laser sintering, one of the world's first 3-D printing processes that was invented at the Cockrell School, has helped to reduce costs and drive innovation in advanced manufacturing for decades.

The Laser Additive Manufacturing Pilot System, a revolutionary new SLS-based machine, allows for exact, repeatable manufacturing in mass production.