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Designing and Developing New Materials

Throughout modern history, material innovations have influenced the progress of virtually every industry, advanced society and created opportunities for products and processes to improve quality of life and drive economic development.

Focus Areas and Initiatives

  • Innovation in materials for energy, electronics, health care and infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials chemistry
  • Materials engineering
  • Molecular and multi-scale design of efficient materials
  • Nanoscience
  • Solid-state physics

Leading the Way

  • A nationally renowned center with multiple partner universities, the Nanomanufacturing Systems for Mobile Computing and Mobile Energy Technologies (NASCENT) center creates versatile, reliable nanomanufacturing systems by leveraging expertise across multiple disciplines.
  • Texas Engineering professor John Goodenough, recipient of the National Medal of Science, Japan Prize and NAE Draper Prize, invented the lithium ion rechargeable battery. His world-changing research in materials and energy storage continues today in his lab at the Cockrell School.
  • Chemical engineering department chair Tom Truskett, along with a team of researchers and graduate students, are working with complex fluids to develop a new generation of at-home, injectable treatments for diseases.
  • Electrical and computer engineering professor Deji Akinwande, who created the world's smallest transistor by working with a material called silicene, continues to advance the capabilities of this thinnest form of silicon.