Ramshorn Retreats

The Ramshorn is a deeply rooted tradition for the Cockrell School of Engineering.  The first Dean of Engineering, Dr. T.U. Taylor, gave perfect papers an elaborate checkmark that students named 'the Ramshorn'.

Since that time, it has been known as a mark of excellence so the Cockrell School claimed it as their official logo.

To continue this spirit of excellence, Engineering Student Life developed a series of leadership development programs, open to all Cockrell School undergraduates, called the Ramshorn Retreats.

There are three unique topics offered each academic year for emerging engineering leadership. Currently enrolled undergraduates are invited to participate in any or all of the retreats.


Ramshorn Retreat: Communication

(Spring 2017)

Retreat topics include understanding the self-concept, the nature of communication, nonverbal communication, and group communication.  

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Ramshorn Retreat: Teamwork

(Spring 2017)

Retreat topics include stages of group development, creative problem solving, and conflict resolution.

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Ramshorn Retreat: Ethics

(Fall 2017)

Retreat topics include understanding ethical decision-making, conflict of interest, power and influence, and ethical engineering leadership.

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