Training & Leadership

Through participation in training and leadership opportunities, engineering students begin to understand that leadership development is a lifelong journey involving vision, relationships and integrity. Students who develop leadership, communication and team skills become engineering graduates who are better prepared for the workforce and/or graduate school.

Presidents' Meetings and Listserv (Monthly)

Monthly business meetings of the student leaders of CSE student organizations with ESL are held during the long sessions, generally the last Monday of the month. Meetings are conducted by ESL staff working with the presidents of the Student Engineering Council (SEC) and Graduate Engineering Council (GEC).

Student organization presidents are strongly encouraged to attend the monthly meeting. In the event the president cannot attend, s/he may designate another officer to attend in his/her place.

Meeting reminders are sent to the Presidents' Listserve, which is administered by ESL for presidents of CSE student organizations. It is the official and primary means of communication with CSE student organization presidents.

To subscribe to the presidents' e-mail list, send an e-mail to the Susan Higginbotham at To send e-mail to the list, type the following in the "To" space

It will go to all the presidents of the CSE student organizations, as well as to the ESL staff. After the stated date that your term ends Susan will remove you from the list.

Spring Officers Training (January)

For officers elected at the end of the fall semester, the Spring Officers Training covers the material presented at the Student Leaders Conference. Registration information is e-mailed to student organization leaders in early January.

General Policy Training
Accounting Training
Travel Training

Transitions Retreat (April)

The Transitions Retreat (TR) began in 1991 as the Dean's Leadership Retreat to provide new Cockrell School student organization leaders with an opportunity to meet with the Dean of Engineering in an informal setting to discuss issues in the Cockrell School, network with other student leaders, and plan the student organization program calendar for the next academic year. In 2009, the name was changed to "Transitions Retreat" to better reflect the function of the event.

The TR is designed for incoming presidents of Cockrell School student organizations who will take office the following academic year. Information about the retreat is distributed via e-mail in early April.

The TR for 2016-17 presidents will be held on Friday, April 28, 2017 from 4-5:30 p.m. Registration information is e-mailed to student organization leaders in mid-April.

Student Leaders Conference (August)

Held annually the Monday before the first day of fall class, the Student Leaders Conference (SLC) provides training for new student organization officers. During training, student leaders learn Cockrell School and university policies, procedures and organizational management. Through workshops and presentations, participants learn about leadership, goal-setting, teambuilding, programming and working with volunteers. In addition, training is provided in student organization accounting, travel, corporate relations and Cockrell School and campus resources. Registration information is e-mailed to student organization leaders in early August.

Treasurers' Training (As Needed)

Scheduled as needed during long sessions, Treasurers' Training provides in-depth training for student organization treasurers. Topics include deposits, purchasing, reimbursements and travel.

Corporate Relations Training (As Needed)

Scheduled as needed during long sessions, Corporate Relations Training provides in-depth training for student organization corporate relations officers. Topics include communicating with corporate contacts, fundraising guidelines, creating corporate solicitation packets and customer service etiquette.

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