Student organization representatives often travel for conferences, workshops, competitions, service projects and more. 

Student organizations are required to follow all University and Cockrell School student travel policies. These policies apply when students are traveling 25 or more miles from the UT Austin campus. Failure to follow all policies and procedures could result in disciplinary penalties and travel plans being canceled.

To avoid complications while planning your trip, please allow a minimum of 14 business days for your accommodations for domestic travel and a minimum of 30 business days for your accommodations for international travel with ESL.

Planning Your Trip

All airfare must be processed through Concur, UT Austin's new online travel reservation tool.  Please visit the UT Travel Management web site for additional information.

 ESL can help you arrange travel for student organization trips (like conferences). As soon as you know you will be traveling, please contact ESL to discuss any travel plans so correct arrangements can be made.

 Cockrell School Travel Policy for Student Organizations

  • Travel by CSE student organization representatives must have prior approval from Engineering Student Life. 
  • All international travel, for both sponsored and registered engineering student organizations' representatives, must have approval from the International Engineering Education Office, ECJ 2.200 before they may to submit a Request for Travel Authorization to ESL.
  • All CSE student organizations wishing to design and implement an engineering project outside of the university must submit their project to the Projects in Underserved Communities course. Student organizations should contact the International Engineering Education Office, ECJ 2.200, regarding this procedure three months in advance.

University Travel Policy for Registered Student Organizations

A registered student organization requires its student members to attend an activity or event that occurs more than 25 miles from the university campus must obtain prior authorization for such travel from the Office of the Dean of Students - Student Activities Office (SA).

More information may be found online at

University Student Travel Policy for Sponsored Student Organizations

This policy applies to the travel of students who are members of a sponsored student organization and wish to attend activities or events that are organized and/or sponsored by The University of Texas at Austin and occur more than 25 miles from the university campus. An organized event is one that is initiated, planned and arranged by a member of the university's faculty or staff, or by the members of a sponsored student organization, and is approved by an appropriate administrator. A sponsored event or activity is one that the university endorses by supporting it financially, or by sending students to participate in it as official representatives of the university.

More information may be found online at

Special Events Insurance

Special Events Insurance is required if a student does not have proof of current medical insurance. This short-term accident and sickness insurance is offered by the Student Insurance Division.

Approved Trips and Travel

Types of travel include, but are not limited to:

  • Boat Parties
  • Camping
  • Competitions
  • Conferences
  • Philanthropy/Service
  • Retreats

Transportation Options

According to university rules, all students who will be operating vehicles while traveling must have a valid driver's license and liability insurance.  Copies of these must be provided to ESL prior to traveling. Students may elect to drive their own vehicles or rent vehicles. Vehicles may be rented with Avis and Enterprise through the university's contract and be direct billed. Contact ESL for more information.

Travel Reimbursement

In order to be reimbursed for any travel expenses, it is mandatory to strictly follow all the required procedures. Any and all original, itemized receipts must be submitted at the completion of the trip in order to be reimbursed. Travel must be completed before any personal reimbursements will be given. Reimbursements will be made from the existing funds in the organization's CSE account. 

Official Travel Occasions

Travel documentation must be submitted individually in most cases. If a group of students plan to attend a special event (workshop, conference, etc.), then the person planning the organization's trip must visit ESL to make group/individual arrangements prior to any travel being procured. This is a must. Arrangements can be made for conference registration, airfare, hotel and car rental, but required procedures must be followed.

Types of Organizations


Majority of UT Austin student organizations are registered organizations. For more information about becoming a registered student organization visit the Student Activities Web site.


Sponsored organizations are registered student organizations that have a close relationship with a university department, program or office. Sponsorship requires support, endorsement, supervision and the assumption of responsibility for the actions and activities of the sponsored organization. In order to be sponsored by the university and the Cockrell School, a registered student organization must complete additional steps and receive ESL approval.

For more information check with ESL or visit the Student Activities Web site.

Engineering Student Life

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